Unveiling Addison's Latest Innovation.

HybridAir, a groundbreaking new technology from Addison, seamlessly merges air, water and refrigeration into an exclusive air handling solution. Aligned with the broader goal of transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, this innovation effectively tackles the toughest hurdles of electrification and decarbonization challenges.

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How It Works

HybridAir - Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration

HybridAir’s unique, patent-pending technology can be applied into a number of configurations including the all-new MX modular air handler, or Addison’s rooftop air handler system. This allows for maximum flexibility for your next application.

Simple Operation

HybridAir takes the best elements of air, water, and refrigeration combining them into a flexible, efficient package. Utilizing a wrap-around DX system, HybridAir pre-treats incoming air before it reaches the hydronic coil. Once the air comes off the hydronic coil, it is reheated by the post-hydronic condenser coil where it can be delivered to the building in a neutral condition.

HybridAir - Simple Operation
HybridAir - Perfect Options

Perfect Options

Other combinations will allow for diversity during shoulder seasons when zones may require a different condition than what mode the building may be in at the time. For example, when most of the building may need heating, but a kitchen area might need cooling, HybridAir can switch on-the-fly to whatever the zone requires.

“HybridAir is a great example of how Addison continues to solve unique problems through their dedication to innovation. HybridAir provides a simple, compact, and efficient solution for DOAS when connecting to chilled water systems by capturing the recovered energy required by ASHRAE 90.1 for reheat without any additional systems or hydronic loops.”

HybridAir Benefits


Green Technology

HybridAir not only eliminates the need for supplemental reheat, but does so in way that reduces energy overall during operation.


HybridAir can be paired with other heat pump technologies that can completely eliminate the need for fossil fuels in buildings.


Renewable Technology

Water-source versions of HybridAir can recapture some of the spent hydronic cooling energy by utilizing it for reheat.

Heating or Cooling

HybridAir has multiple configurations that can be used for treating outdoor air, to providing supplemental comfort cooling and heating.


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