Frequently Asked Questions

HybridAir combines direct-expansion refrigeration technology with hydronic heating and cooling systems to deliver the best aspects of air, water, and refrigeration.

HybridAir adds a wrap-around air-source heat pump to a traditional hydronic air coil. As outdoor air comes into the system, the pre-cooling DX coil treats the air before entering the hydronic coil here is further treated to the required dewpoint. As the air leaves the hydronic coil, it is reheated in the post-coil condenser to neutral.

Typically, hydronic air handlers are stand-alone systems, and have utilized other forms of reheat such as electric resistance or gas. However, as building codes have changed to disallow these forms of reheat, alternative solutions are required.

As many municipalities are beginning to ban fossil fuels in buildings, HybridAir can help to create an new all-electric HVAC solutions when combined with other technologies such as air source chillers. This will enable buildings to handle not only the comfort cooling and heating requirements, but fresh air ventilation as well.

Yes. HybridAir is currently patent-pending.

When HybridAir becomes available in mid-2024, there will be three versions available to suit any application or project requirement.

HybridAir technology will be available in both a packaged rooftop air handler, and in Addison’s upcoming MX Series modular indoor air handler series.

Yes. HybridAir can be configured into units with energy recover wheels and cores, as well as mixed air, exhaust, and other options such as final filters.

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